Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Sharing Time in the Garden

Sharing Time Together in the Garden By Teri H Hoover January 2, 2018 

Finishing up our 3 mile walk we enter the garden gate. Pepper gainfully slides in before me. Her black snout nuzzles gently and successfully. Inside she waits to be free of her leash and bounds toward the deck door. Picking through sea shells I grab the hidden key and open the door. Pepper looks at me mystified as I grab the clippers and head right back outside. She joins me in hopes of another walk. But my plan, despite a chilly, gray January afternoon is to linger a bit in the neglected garden. Clippers in hand, I move toward my intended leaf littered bed. Just one bed, my bare hands will need a good cleaning later. Moldy and slippery gray lilac leaves have buried themselves among the stems of the naked coreopsis  "sienna sunset". The clippers are rebuffed and slide along decayed gladiola stalk. But almost immediately my happy little pile takes the shape of a little upside down birds nest. The newly uncovered brown dirt looks pleased with itself. I pause at the muffled tune in my coat pocket. “Ah!Now this is good!” My brother Dan has called and he generously ends up sharing the next half hour in the garden with me. On speaker phone he keeps me company and little by little we bring a bit of light to the fading January afternoon.

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