Thursday, March 16, 2017


Around By Teri H Hoover     January 15,2017

The way through is sometimes the long way around.

Still Writing

 Three Prompts in One - Small Stones: a journey of mindfulness- Facebook group for small stones - spring 2017

Still Writing by Teri Hoover 

Goodness abounds
I nearly crush it by trying too hard. 

What you don't know about me...
The incredible fear I will be left behind.

The story I believe in; grace to bridge the void.
The story I fall into; forgetting the story I believe in.

Response from my brother-Dan Habermehl  

Don't push the river.

I will never leave you behind.

Yes. You have grace.

You always pick the story line back up.
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Teri Hoover
Teri Hoover My heart says thank you for such patience and kindness.