Thursday, March 16, 2017


Around By Teri H Hoover     January 15,2017

The way through is sometimes the long way around.

Still Writing

 Three Prompts in One - Small Stones: a journey of mindfulness- Facebook group for small stones - spring 2017

Still Writing by Teri Hoover 

Goodness abounds
I nearly crush it by trying too hard. 

What you don't know about me...
The incredible fear I will be left behind.

The story I believe in; grace to bridge the void.
The story I fall into; forgetting the story I believe in.

Response from my brother-Dan Habermehl  

Don't push the river.

I will never leave you behind.

Yes. You have grace.

You always pick the story line back up.
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Teri Hoover
Teri Hoover My heart says thank you for such patience and kindness.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

A Joyful Noise


A Joyful Noise by Teri H Hoover
March 5 at 1:19am

Concentric rings around
October's collision.
An unremembered sound
has become deafening.
Determined to move beyond the muffle,
I walk until I am directly under the trees filled with red winged black birds.
I stand there awhile drinking in their joyous noise.

{My hearing has diminished after are car accident in October, where the passenger side air bag deployed. (I did not realize air bags made so much noise and are notorious for causing ear problems .) A cold this past week has made things much worse.}