Monday, September 26, 2016

Breathe by Teri H Hoover©

Between the laughter of a child greeting me with her smile,
And the sheer gale force of frustrations emanating through the phone.
The contrast of life comes back in full relief.
And my childhood remembers
the free fall of another,
loosing their bearings. 


The sheering and scraping.
The scrambling and straining.
The lashing and crashing.
Livid imbalance raging.
Like old hooks grasping to
Lay claim to the lining of my brain.

I smile at my grand daughter. 
Putting on the bike helmet she offers. 
At her request I latch up first her helmet then mine.
Irony is so good.

Finally, oh how many times... ?
Finally now, my heart does not break.
The space of my heart is finally, (at this particular moment) large enough-
to carry the disparity of this life.
As wide as the ocean, my heart.
Yes, the ocean, thank God for the ocean!
I claim you. Yes, the ocean it is. A large body of water, you are big enough to hold all the woes of the world. Thank you. Your space heals me, even though you are far away. 

Still the helmet, still her little hand in mine.
Sweet child, please know you are loved amidst this wonderful and terrible world.

Words. Diminish ... I cannot help. That is sad.
But I am still 

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