Monday, September 26, 2016

Breathe by Teri H Hoover©

Between the laughter of a child greeting me with her smile,
And the sheer gale force of frustrations emanating through the phone.
The contrast of life comes back in full relief.
And my childhood remembers
the free fall of another,
loosing their bearings. 


The sheering and scraping.
The scrambling and straining.
The lashing and crashing.
Livid imbalance raging.
Like old hooks grasping to
Lay claim to the lining of my brain.

I smile at my grand daughter. 
Putting on the bike helmet she offers. 
At her request I latch up first her helmet then mine.
Irony is so good.

Finally, oh how many times... ?
Finally now, my heart does not break.
The space of my heart is finally, (at this particular moment) large enough-
to carry the disparity of this life.
As wide as the ocean, my heart.
Yes, the ocean, thank God for the ocean!
I claim you. Yes, the ocean it is. A large body of water, you are big enough to hold all the woes of the world. Thank you. Your space heals me, even though you are far away. 

Still the helmet, still her little hand in mine.
Sweet child, please know you are loved amidst this wonderful and terrible world.

Words. Diminish ... I cannot help. That is sad.
But I am still 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Privilege by Teri Hoover ©

Shirts and skirts galore,
comfy clothes to wear.

Twenty pairs of shoes
and a warm bed to share.

Eight kinds of nail polish
whose use is kind of rare.

Cupboards full dishes
we fill with food to share.

Fullness found in none of these.
We still have room to spare.

Each heart that finds a moment just to settle in.
Each one that finds a place to sit, in order to begin.

Move from privilege to blessing and go beyond the din.
Bring world relief and shed this itchy skin.

Friday, September 16, 2016

September 16, 2016
An Ocean Full of Love at the Lake by Teri H Hoover ©
For Dan, Lisa and Cassandra 

Returning home, the light dwindles.
The last hour darkness attempts its overtake.
My smile is welcoming as the full moon appears.
Familiar streets seem new.
The car quietly settles in the drive.
My dog jumps from her seat, and the jangle of her collar is consumed by the song of crickets. Partial unpacking, with hellos and greetings. There is cold watermelon, a long hot shower, and silent sitting.
Between here and there,
time and distance...
between me and them,
time and distance...
Today is overcast and as calm as my heart.
Thoughtful and still. Searching my memory for drift wood and stones. Pouring over the treasures of the lake. Recollections of a walk along the shore, shared with souls realizing this walk as precious. Each breath of sun filled September air, a blessing. The waves of Lake Erie gentle yet urgent. We sit unknowingly creating judgement, wringing every drop of beauty into our hearts. We collect small stones as if we will collect a million more.
We collect small stones, tangible connections to this world. Tangible connections with those we love.
In the evening he lights a fire to the sky. Limitless stretching, the blending of earth, wind and fire. Human laughter mimics the warmth of the fire and the lapping of the waves.
Silence will surely follow, but only for awhile. The winter will come. But we create eternal summer.
I send peace, I send love, I send strength.