Monday, January 12, 2015

If I Go Straight

01-12-1015-If I Go Straight by Teri H Hoover©
Link to: Sunday Whirl- #195 and Heart Macro #86- Shine the Divine

 Cascade Trail, Pembroke, VA

The story is not new.  I write words of wondering every once in a while. I muse along, wandering. I may find a point to share - or I may just be grateful. This will be a place holder for today. If I go straight with intention I will find myself in just this place. It is the intention within the faulty prayer I pray. I am consoled in my moments of awkward searching. My intentions are made straight with Gods grace. My mind wonders, I wander. But in  this intention I go forward with grace. I repeat myself. With so many words. The curves I love, wind around me embracing this heart. It must be winter again.

 Lichen Hearts
Cascade Trail, Pembroke, VA

I do not capitulate myself to an inky channel. Rather I render myself free. I am not listless; appearances deceive. I am only bobbing up and down on the nearly frozen water.  A single leaf  with an invisible anchor.  Smudged into a layer of  lethargy and resigned to the ennui of winter, where the smell of life is remembered. To generate a thought the heart must first hear more than silence. If I go straight there will beginnings after this ends. 

A list of words from the Sunday Whirl #195-