Sunday, December 14, 2014

Related to Unflinching

Related to Unflinching by Teri H Hoover
December 14, 2014

Related to UNFLINCHING-     Synonyms
determined, dogged, grim, implacable, relentless, unappeasable, unyielding, unrelenting
You are related to unflinching. If your feeling courageous you might even admit it.
The word that holds my heart is unrelenting. I used it to describe a photo my brother just sent me. It is not mine to share. So with words imagine.
A view through a door with a window to a small dimly lit mud room. Perched on a small table a rail thin woman, with her toes hanging, forgotten, over the edge. She is turned away from us and looks out a window into the dark, cold evening. Her arms are curled up around her and her bald head rests in her lovely hand.   
The photo is possibly one of the most beautiful images I have ever seen.
 It is terribly beautiful. 
It is unrelenting.

a prayer for all those suffering- xo teri