Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Seeing You in the Distance

For Walt – a voice I have know all my life

Seeing You in the Distance
By Teri H Hoover ©

Aging vehicle
pressing north.
I-79 flattens the hills into swells.
Careening into the haze of late summer,
and then abruptly east
onto the I-90.

Just there on the horizon, unafraid.
Deep blue rising
above the edge of the earth.
Poised for spilling itself in all directions.
But it doesn't.

A poem for poet Walt Wojtanik . Walt has just recently stepped down from his post at the blog PoeticBloomings and I was compelled to mark this transition with a poem.

When I first read his poems his “voice” sounded familiar to me. When I realized he was from Western NY, (near Lake Erie, where I grew up) it just seemed to fit. When I drive back to Buffalo from Virginia, one of the first sights that says, I am almost there, is the sight of Lake Erie resting on the horizon.