Saturday, September 21, 2013

Three Memories Constricted

interwoven stories flounder on separate shores.
A rash of clues become entangled, while fables bloom like algae.

with claws, surface and roll,
crashing and smashing the naive and sincere.

into airless plastic bags, the exiled memories curdle.
The facade of certitude covered with crustaceans.

Into a pile of debris.
Peering out with shaded eyes, 
Good Samaritans stand on the shoreline.

The beleaguered,
yet undefeated spirits will cradle a secret all the way to the grave.
Leaving a wake of disbelief.

This weeks words for the Sunday Whirl- claws, peering, spirits, stories, apples, secret,cradle, pile, clues, exile, three, rash

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Seeing You in the Distance

For Walt – a voice I have know all my life

Seeing You in the Distance
By Teri H Hoover ©

Aging vehicle
pressing north.
I-79 flattens the hills into swells.
Careening into the haze of late summer,
and then abruptly east
onto the I-90.

Just there on the horizon, unafraid.
Deep blue rising
above the edge of the earth.
Poised for spilling itself in all directions.
But it doesn't.

A poem for poet Walt Wojtanik . Walt has just recently stepped down from his post at the blog PoeticBloomings and I was compelled to mark this transition with a poem.

When I first read his poems his “voice” sounded familiar to me. When I realized he was from Western NY, (near Lake Erie, where I grew up) it just seemed to fit. When I drive back to Buffalo from Virginia, one of the first sights that says, I am almost there, is the sight of Lake Erie resting on the horizon.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Well Used Heart

One small brush with a stranger, at the magic edge of idleness.
One little push at the top of the curve; there's no turning back.

Traveling the avenue of thought only to lose my answer.
Stains of intrigue stamped upon my passport.
Approaching the borders without dimension. 
Where is my country?
Only a heart full of emptiness can return home.

Shepherd's Farm Catawba Valley VA- 2012

This weeks words: pay, stains, center, bell, dimension, intrigue,magic, only, used, avenue, answer, change