Monday, May 27, 2013

Visitng Eden By Jules Paige

From a wise and wonderful poetess friend.
Sweet as sunlight in the garden. Thank you Jules-

Visiting Eden By Jules Paige 
For Teri Hoover

In the garden was a stone bowl. Only ever filled with rainwater. The rocks -
they changed with mood swings. Reflecting the stars glow gently rippling
in autumn breezes. The stark grey of winter that threatened to take up
permanent residence in her heart. The robin’s egg blue sky of spring... and
in summer the amber stone embraced the sun’s warmth.

The ritual was private - shared only with the flora and fauna in all weather -
while not looking at her own mirrored face, fearing disconnect with the image -
she would change the placement of the stones.  Ever hopeful to keep rising.  

 Find some of her writing here: 


  1. One of these days I'll figure out the copy and pasting of photo...

    Thanks for posting this piece with the photo.
    While the story is fiction - I think we can all reflect on our private rituals of hope :)

    Hugs, Jules

  2. Her words go perfectly with your photo, Teri. Changing the placement of the stones - a good metaphor for life.


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