Sunday, March 31, 2013

the shepherd calls

the wandering lost
could see the pit,
peaks of the moon-unreachable,
written into flowers, with drooping petals 
soaked but unable to drink,
the wandering lost
could hear the calls.
they became emotions shaken loose behind the locks
written into stones,
herded by the shepherds staff.

fenced in fields of safety.
boundaries to comfort, food to feed,
safety in stillness. 
wanting no longer. filled the lost.
after the rising
no more grasping to be held.
Released to embracing.

The words for this weeks wordle are:  peak, powders, lost, calls, locks, pit,moon, staff, stone, after, written, petals 


  1. The word shepherd is such a comforting one, I wonder why we always have this desire to break free?

  2. Anonymous4/01/2013

    Oh, I have missed visiting your blog (due to a busy schedule). I'm having a great time catching up with all I have missed. I love the line 'the wandering lost' - so evocative.

  3. This is so beautiful....Loved it.....

    I am here after SO long!! Sorry about that!!

    inside that bowl, I see the whole world

  4. The things written into flowers will fade away, but the things written into stones will probably last. I think we writers do a little of both...

    Awhirl with Richard Wright

  5. I think most of us who enjoy what we do, don't think it is amazing. It just is something that both wants and needs to be done. Different arts allow us all to take a few steps back and enjoy with awe that which we cannot do.

    Grasping our friends, releasing love and being held. How then can we be lost, when we support each other along the way?

    Always hugs and cheers, dear friend.

    If you'd like a giggle at a bit of floundering...see one of the reasons I was delayed...


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