Sunday, March 03, 2013

awaiting the answer

not what anyone deserves. 

within the first moment of unbalance,
the snare of gasps,
neglects the breath.
nearly blue, she will ride the wings 
of others prayers.
a dust trail of broken green chords,
heaven slaps with blessed instant grace- unfelt.
a sharp inhale skids along the surface

A first wordle since, gasp, November.  The Sunday Whirl- The words: blue, blessed, deserves, first, gasps, instant,
slap, snare, dust, unbalance, ride, wings


  1. We are too hard on ourselves when other 'things' take up our living time and space. Blessed stillness after recovering from an 'almost' fall...
    Writing should bring comfort. Turn those 'gasps' into 'sighs' and then 'smiles'.


  2. We take too much for granted and always assume it only happens to others.

  3. You've been missed... time really flies. I hope your shoulder is healing well.

  4. Anonymous3/03/2013

    There are layers of meaning here, teri. You could well be describing my creative process at the moment, although I know you are doing something much more meaningful. You have been missed, but don't feel bad, I once took an entire year off from any and all writing, in favor of coloring and doing digital art. Amazingly enough, it really helped the writing, lol. Thanks for dropping by my site, good to see you,


  5. It's nice to have you back, Teri. This is a good poem. It can be interpreted AND make sense in many different ways. Well done!

  6. Well done, Teri, with some very difficult words. I see you have been out of sorts. I hope you are on the mend. It is very nice to see you back with us.


  7. Back with panache Teri. Glad to see your words again. And in a grand way! A great write!


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