Sunday, March 17, 2013

against the curve

Above the door of the train,unseen destinations 

mapped out like sturdy veins under graffiti tattoos.
Emotionless conductor, the master of balance,
utters the names of places blurring into focus.
His words, for a moment firmly march,
then stretch out in futility -falling between- metal upon metal.
Against the curve, straining, the words jiggle free
become faint and vanish.    
Like change that rolls out of sight under boots and heels.
Settling hidden, in a greasy dark corner.

The 100th Sunday Whirl- Congratulations Brenda! The words this week are:                     master, street, change, share, train, die, calls, stretch, march, words, places, create, faint


  1. words jiggle free....
    Indeed! I love this, Teri. Thank you for writing with us.

  2. Teri, this is very visual. Growing up around trains all my life, you captured the essesnce perfectly. Nice work!

  3. I like your imagery. The naming of stations...sometimes garbled, getting lost in the movement of passing. Choo, choo...changing. I am ever so glad I can still hear train whistles now and then. I used to ride the subway in NYC - But riding a train watching cities and farmlands pass. Stopping at the stations...That above ground ride is like a low magic carpet. Cheers.

  4. Such evocative the others have said, very visual. Lovely!

  5. Anonymous3/19/2013

    Like change that rolls out of sight...yes!

  6. Reminds me of riding the New York City subway. You had to know where you were going, because you really couldn't understand what the conductor said most of the time. And all the loose all the pockets, escaping out of worn holes, underfoot, settling and hidden.


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