Monday, January 07, 2013


January 7, 2013  - a small Stone 
Greetings  by  Teri H Hoover

My friend, Old Sycamore, wrinkled his nose
as I walked by.

We both smiled.

 Virginia Tech Drillfield, Blacksburg VA- January 2013 


  1. Once I figure out how I'll have to show you a picture I took of my willow...the one that looks like an elephants eye.

    Hope all is well with your furry friend!

  2. And now, I'm smiling, too.

  3. Sycamore trees sure are expressive beings. And oh how I love them so! They're my favorite tree especially to photograph...have taken many pix of them over the years, some hanging up at home. I love your tree's wrinkly nose...made me smile :)


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