Sunday, September 16, 2012

Through the Exterior

Sunday Wordle -September 17, 2012
Through the Exterior by Teri. H  Hoover

In this silent longing, peering
through layers,
the silhouette of the artist emerges,
Color saunters in,
like a lyric
written for a lover. Winding its way
around the heart.
Rich tresses, of intimate buoyancy,
desires exposed, in a sensuous lift.
Iterations of alliteration, begin to bend and break.
All that reining in with measured living,
Slips away with one simple touch.

A wordle challenge from Walt Wojtanik:
From the thirteen words, choose one word to use as a part of your title. That word becomes your “theme” for your wordle.
Using the “other” twelve words, craft your wordle poem.  The words  artist , sensuous, lilting, rich,exterior,silent, silhouette, color, saunter, lyric,  peering, alliteration, tresses

Notes: Firstly- I am using a tablet (not my laptop) to write and post this. I am unsure how this piece will format. We will see. I am away, visiting a friend and considering how to best pursue all things creative, this piece came to life.