Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Morning

Wordle# 67, 68,  and 69-SundayWhirl-08-12-2012 Three weeks of wordle words in one wordle...oh my
This Morning by Teri H Hoover

Narrow thoughts pitch in the curtains of curvaceous satin.
Lace shadows channel caramel colored life into the dark room.
Amidst the pile of bed covers marrow supine, slumber sublime,
the languid link to the morning frenzy begins.
Reality unwavering,
meanders in a strange attack.
Falling awake- dreams dwindle, ricochet and spin,
then settle into an invisible compass that rolls onto the deck and slides port side.
Unfocused eyes squint and strain
not seeing
past the flooded store of wayward strands of hair
she navigates into sun drenched alcoves that float away away like a helium anchor.
Grasping the rough rail of loosely woven thoughts
only to have it unravel and spring
origami dreams of unfolded and pointless maps.
A stern wind whips up the curtains with a robust

This is my small stone and cell phone photo that was the seed for the above wordle...

 Morning whispered into the caramel colored curtains with a sigh.

Hello all -I missed the last two weeks of I have added them to this weeks!
I wrote a small stone about waking up this morning and snapped the photo with my cell phone.
Here are three weeks worth of words:

ricochet, invisible, curvaceous, narrow, maps, lace,dwindle, spin, warp, past, flooded, alcoves

marrow, link, store, anchor, wake, navigate, stern, deck, pitch, sink, rail, port
wayward, falling, frenzy, attack, sublime, strange, settle, rough, channel, ball, robust, life