Thursday, July 19, 2012

Resolving Therese

WordGathering- Tuesday Tryouts with Margo Roby-ACROSTICS-July 17,2012
A Double Acrostic

Resolving Therese by Teri H Hoover

thoroughly unresolved in a singular thought
hidden actions are focused, hell bent and harsh.
emerging erratically everything she loves will entangle.
ruminations no longer default into paralysis of the soul-but the memory remains longer than a river,
enlightened by grace, enriched by age, blessings encircle,
simply by love, she moves from the shadows
effortlessly resolving into enough.

Notes: Even though I am not one to follow intricate writing prompts, I faithfully read Margo Roby's Tuesday Tryouts. Her prompts always pique my curiosity and leave me wishing I had taken writing in college. Her followers are a talented bunch and make for a lively interactions in her comment section. Every so often I find myself drawn in. Like this week. As Margo tells it,  we all did Acrostics in elementary English. First letters of your name are put vertically on the page, you use them to start each new line. There of course are many forms that evolve from this basic set up,(go to the link at the very top of this page to see her examples). The one I did here is my first name as it appears on my birth certificate.

 I took it up a level by making it a double acrostic. Making the last word in each line start and end with the same letter  as my first word in that line.  Boy that last sentence made me dizzy!!!