Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Flash in the Pan of Nonsense

Wordle#65-Sunday Whirl-07-15-2012 
A Flash in the Pan of Nonsense by Teri H Hoover

The spray of oil flicks and 
swells, leaving behind smoking bits 
of  grittle.

The cook relishes the gravity
of  fragrant plants as they crack 
and smoke.

The heated chain of humility-
lays claim to the heart; a trigger
and release.

Close to going up in flames,
circling the limit just one more time 
or two.

With no way around it, we suffer 
like lemmings who cannot refrain
from the draw of the brittle, griddle of himility.

The words this week from Brenda over at The Sunday Whirl are:
flicks, swells, spray, grittle, gravity, plant,trigger, relishes, chain, crack, himility, refrain, claim

Notes: Initially the when the words came out humility was spelled himility and the word grittle was thought to be incorrect as well.  After a fine wordle rumpus things were straightened out. Humility was corrected and it was determined that grittle was indeed a word. I love week ends and all you wordlers!