Sunday, July 08, 2012


Wordle#64-Sunday Whirl-07-08-2012
Poetic Bloomings Uncertainty-Prompt #63  
timeless by Teri H Hoover

For a while eternity sat in the corner
with the sting of time.

a day?
a month?
a year?

the timeless
always blurs the line.

idly the clock ticks loudly
above the kitchen sink,

and obliging housewives
collect the rinds of lemons.

eternity shifts and wanders
and slips into a drawer. 

bitterly, the zest of life lays on the kitchen
counter and spurns the kitchen clock.

in vein it falls upon dull cutlery
while subtracting dinner guests
right there on the dining room table.

yet in all the clutter
the thin line of ignorance
creates just enough room for hope.

open the door
uncurl the ball of moments
and corners fall away. 

the scent of lemons linger
and no one
hears the clock.

This weeks words from the Sunday Whirl:  
ignorant, spurn, eternity, drawers, balls, year, rind, sting, months, housewives, subtracting, fall

Notes: Just a bit of writing from a fuzzy mind. Recovery from surgery has simoltaneously contracted and expanded time. The nature of time versus timelessness came to mind as I wrote this at  4AM.