Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Margo Roby- Wordgathering- June 19, 2012- Tuesday Tryouts- Summer Style
Healing by Teri H Hoover June 19, 2012

Through dirty open windows,
Freedom moves the stagnant air.
Moving beyond escape.
This is the season of possibility.

When the color green bandages all things broken
and the heart breaks into silent song.

Through aging screens, that squeak and shutter,
light unrestrained, streams unhindered.   
The pollen of  life settles into glass jars
collected and labeled, on dark pantry shelves.

When the sun glows warm like simmering peaches,
cooking down into a salve of forgetting. 

There in the still of evening dusk
the cigarette blends with the campfire,
while the night air erases all blame. 
Wings fold in with purpose .

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