Sunday, June 17, 2012


Wordle#61-Sunday Whirl-06-17-2012 
Unchecked  by Teri H Hoover

Latch the chest to
spare the heart.                                                                        

Strike a pose to 
blend the currents.

Refrain from racket to
draft the temper.

Trace the string to
crack the code. 

Cracked codes- check
Traced strings- check
Drafted tempers-check
Refrained rackets- check
Blended currents- check
Poses struck-check

The spared heart...

living in the latched chest-

is not living at all.

I seem to be whirling around heart work this week. Whirling is such a good word. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

The words for the Sunday Whirl are: blend, latch, chest, current, draft, string,crack, spare, temper, refrain, racket, trace, strike