Sunday, June 03, 2012

getting their fill

Wordle#59-Sunday Whirl-06-03-2012 
getting their fill  by Teri H Hoover

Words like vagabonds waiting for a hand-out  
crouch  at the bottom of the page.
Some are shifting  from foot to foot.
Others like wilting wallflowers, nearly crumple at a glance.

Thankful for the bright ones 
that burst forward with a crash.
Bold hearts set a place for all the rest.
A shred of dignity draws forth a beat,
soon chatter fills the silence. 

Letters chisel into words and life begins to glow.
Nothing can stop them 

a  full sentence dangles on the edge
of incoherence
tenuous dribbling lines 

Split and crumple, 
returning to a crouch.

Pierce this poem or stand by a bruised yet beating heart-
we raise them up when we step down.

 This weeks wordles words are : split, bruise, crumpledraw, burst, pierce, crash, chisel, crouch, glow, edge, beat

Brenda- Thank you for the beginning, here's to beating out something edgy that glows!