Sunday, May 13, 2012


 Wordle#56-Sunday Whirl-05-13-2012 
undeterred  by Teri H Hoover

The summit of her intention
rolled quietly to the valley far below.
Plagued by indigenous, hell-bent demons,  
disguised as a small string of goddess distractions.  
Fit to be tied. The laces set to trap and tangle.

Flags unfurling in a ritual of release,
hang at half-mast.
The elaborated eloquence fills in every sigh.
Elevating the significance, 
scrapping her barefoot soul. 
 Prayerful pause - there she finds 
The spirit of light and love-
And cracks a brilliant smile.
Flags fly high to catch the breeze.
No longer lost, but lifted.
Undeterred simplicity
the strong, and sacred thread. 

Sunday Whirl Words-Thank your Brenda!
indigenous, significance, goddess, sacred, demons, visit, rituals, summit, elaborated, intention, flags, string 

This time the word from hell was elaborated.I even went so far as to google it - to see it used in other sentences. I came across a piece on sentence clarity (see below) What a lot of  BIG words for what seemed a simple concept. LOL-Thanks for stopping by!

Effects of Elaboration and Relational Distinctiveness in Sentence Memory