Sunday, April 22, 2012

weather to waking

 Wordle#53-Sunday Whirl-04-22-2012
weather to waking  by Teri H Hoover

 I wake to a silent cacophony 
of thoughts in my head.  

Two hundred miles to the west 
an impending coda of thunderheads, ferment along the hillsides of Kentucky.
Aching their way over the landscape, in dragon shaped clouds and mist.

There on the window sill, a half hearted shaft of shimmering sunshine
folds itself into an origami shadow
and in exquisite leap, falls gently into a dirty sock.

Thoughts aimless, become unthreaded tangles,
shelved liked sequins in the sheets.
Spangling,  hypnotic.

Sleep ethereal, returns and holds me dangling. 

I fall like a splash, startling my dog.
I rub sleep from my eyes
and shimmy from beneath the covers 
into a clap of thunder. 

Hey all, I will be away from the computer today- so I will swing by everyone's writing tomorrow. I look forward to your comments. Have a great day.

The words for the first anniversary  edition of the Sunday Whirl- THANK YOU Brenda-
cacophony, aches, exquisite, abstract, shelved, ferment, dragon, coda, shimmy, origami, spangling, dragon, ethereal


Another start- that I did not to throw away. 

 A red dragon, unshedding his scales in the middle of the kitchen.
Appalled, the  old woman  waved her wand and shelved him for the day. 
Wings folded into an origami sunrise