Sunday, April 01, 2012

by my side

Gone. He leaves 
several weeks of me.
Love wrapped tightly in a pack.

in a flurry, to start his day.
While I fall, gently into slumber.
But not alone.

Her shape, the crescent of the unseen moon,
Leans like gravity,  against my side.
Wrapped in a coat, sleek with shine.

One paw, of four, draped across my leg. 
She whispers in her sleep
Dreaming without restraint ...
A trick, a point, a treat , a smell, a taste, a cat- 
the chase is on-
quaking and quivering.
In a rush returns
a hush.

This pet, my friend cleaved once again - untwitching. 

She sleeps, 
while I wonder, 
with a wish, 
this thought, a string could pull you back to me.

Drifting lost - I can no longer find your scent among the sheets...

Her tail thumps once, as I pull her close. 

A special thanks to Richard for the words over at the Sunday Whirl this week-
The Words : string, wish, point, trick, shine,paw, smell, pack, shape, taste, whisper

The process- My husband of 30 years, travels to Asia three times a year, for business, for a month at a time. He also is gone another month or so traveling  within the US.  Four years ago, I was blessed to find to find Pepper, my black lab, at the local pound.  This bit of writing attempt to tie those two things together. 

Any thoughts on the structure, or content is welcome.

My husband returns April 3. :-)