Sunday, March 25, 2012

Room Enough

 Wordle#49-Sunday Whirl-03-25-2012
 Room Enough  by Teri H Hoover

Inside the walls

Lifted upon the full gauge bristles
 - tiny, tender, blessings, 
float upon the silent currents.

Sparkling aloft - waiting into descent.
Sprinkled upon  (acknowledged and ignored)
the aches and losses.

Spiritual acumen, not adrift but loosely held.
A broom falls to the floor-
shattering into acid covered splinters. 
Cracking open, at once a hardened and brittle heart.
The juices of the supreme alchemist 
now seeping,
crafting a supple path for the light to follow...

The gauge of losses lifted.
The stain of oil removed.
The window appears and opens.
The room spilled with love.
The weight falls away

            joy set free

Swept up in 
blessings carried upon bristles 
uplifted on light
one sweep 
inside these walls 
there is room

The words:craft, joy, supple, alchemist, gauge, juices,tender, acid, oil, acumen, sprinkled, sweep

The process: I went on a woman's spiritual retreat  this weekend- thanks to a dear friend who signed me up. My writing comes from the place were I was allowed glimpses of a my tired but faithful heart. And if only for a moment, I collected a vision of where joy resides. Thank you Linda.