Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Solace is a Place

March 13, 2012- Solace is a Place by Teri H Hoover 
Process Notes first-After a month of reading Margo's prompts about place-I have written what I think is a piece about place.
Margo Roby Prompts~Wordgathering-I loved this prompt and hope someday to complete it -Lying in Hammock but for now I have this.

 Solace is a Place 

I pass by the clothes line loaded with laundry- 
sagging in the middle.
I recall laying on crisp, clean, sheets
a silent solace 
summer sweetness, a hidden gift in every fold.  

I was in bed as the sun nestled itself into the tangle of willow tree branches, beyond the edge of our half acre yard. Gracefully the willows stood, the only reminder that something could grow taller than a two story house.  They stood above the garden where my father grew his corn and tomatoes. Some nights I saw him there, a rounded back silhouette, pulling weeds. The stunted maples, poplars, and pin oaks would take another 20 years, before it would be realized they were planted too close, to each other, and the house. No one imagined how these small things would grow.  But before the poplar tree shaded my bedroom window, I watched, as the sun tucked itself into the blanket of willow branches. Lighting up millions of green leaves, that became wavelike in the winds that blew off  Lake Erie, 30 miles away. Comforted by all those roots, reaching deep into rich, moist, soil of Western New York. 

Together, the sun and I would go to bed on those late summer days...  I reaching deep into the sweet smell of sheets off the line and the willows reaching deeper into the earth. Both finding the relief and solace of something that held us safe.