Sunday, March 04, 2012

Selective Hearing

Unaware of the coatless, woolly, shadow
they cast upon the kitchen--
Fullness, admonished White Metal Strainer
for carelessly blowing out the pilot light.
Their daughter, Toaster, resigned to the bickering
returned to her warm setting, 
preferring not to hear.

Process Notes- The first line just rolled out. I was a bit wary of the word daughter and decided to steer around anything too deep.  Upon completing this wordle, it came to mind that I would often personify inanimate objects when my kids were small- to divert their attention from something that was stressful.  I think that is kind of what I did here.

Also, I am quite unsure of the punctuation, breaks and use of capitalization... I am open to comments.

Have a GREAT wordle everyone!

the words
kitchen, unaware,coatless, woolly,shadow,
fullness,admonish,white, metal,
 daughter,  returned, prefers,