Monday, February 06, 2012


 resolve  by Teri H Hoover

Process notes- the words rose to the surface after a hospital visit with an elderly family member- probably not an easy read.

A metallic and petulant latch;
The scar fuses into the narrative of the bravado of his narrow escapes.
Locking those he loves, into the landscape of  his determination. 
Slowly, through the months he slips away,
embattled into exile, his body lies in ruins.
The tattered life vest of firm resolve, dulls into a grey leaden sheath. 
Filled with the weight of the well lived facade.
Those firm eyes, now dart and recede, below the surface
of the doctors whispered words.
The words swirl,billow and settle into the room,
like black ink in a cup of water.  
Within moments he bobs to the surface, mustering his dwindling reserves, a dubious rebellion.
Barking out demands and love, that fall muffled behind the oxygen mask.
The staccato marks of his heart,
small and erratic on the monitor screen.

`words- dubious, staccato, petulant, metallic, exile, rebellion, billows, latch, dart, fuses,scar,ruins