Friday, February 03, 2012

not a happy camper

February 3, 2012- Small Stones
not a happy camper  by  Teri H Hoover

Lurking on the side walk
The shadow of  a garbage-can-bully
I sidestep his vain attempts to dispose of my foul mood.

Blacksburg, Va - Feb 3, 2012

On my return reinforcements await.
The posse scoffs at my resolve.

  Blacksburg, VA- Feb 3, 2012

Note- what is even better is arriving home I see that my mail basket is stuffed with a parcel with my name on it. It is a book promised to me by a friend who thinks this book of fine bits will be just what I need. The square book fills my hands but barely. The thickness is light as a feather in my hands- I like this book already for not feeling like it will be too heavy. The name of the book is  A Promise of a New Day ~A classic book of Daily Meditations by Karen Casey and Martha Vanceburg 

The page I open to is about masks...

"The question is laid out For each of us to ask: Whether to hold on Or to drop the mask". - Martha Boesing

Followed by this written by the authors-

 Do you ever feel you are wearing a mask? It's a strange, uncomfortable feeling. We mistrust our own face; we don't even know what it looks like, because we put on the mask so young. But sooner or later we must drop it and face our reflection.
Perhaps the mask is silent, and behind it we feel like screaming. Perhaps the mask is festive, and our own eyes weep.
The mask chafes and confines us, but it gives protection, too. We're naked without it; we have nowhere to hide. To summon the courage to drop the mask, we must believe in ourselves enough to trust our naked vulnerability.
We may take courage in knowing that everyone is vulnerable and afraid. By wearing our own faces proudly, we show that it's possible. Soon, masks will be dropping all around.
Today I will risk showing myself as I really am. From The Promise of a New Day

And if that was not enough I then popped in on my friend Sharon's blog,  "One Woman's Life in Maine" to read her oh so perfect post on "Shift Happens".  She talks about the ups and downs of living for 36 years with your spouse.  And while it has only been 31 years at my house her words rang in loud and clear- and  I thank her for her perfect  words. Thank you Sharon-. 

"Sometimes we wait longer than I thought possible.

Sometimes things shift in a way I couldn't have imagined before it happens.

Life comes back." 
Sharon M.  "One Woman's Life in Maine"