Sunday, January 15, 2012

scraped knees

January 15, 2012- Small Stones  
scraped knees  by  Teri H Hoover

The sky crawled on toward Monday,
scraping its knees, on the barren trees of Sunday.

Virginia Tech Drillfield, Blacksburg, VA Jan 15, 2012



unspoken by Teri H Hoover

The words she said were lost
filtered into white


Her heart contracted just once more,
the passage was no longer barred.
Her mouth, a wordless cavern, exhaled her heart aloft.

The water jump, of her belonging
shattered into edgeless shards.

A gentle return to the defining floor.

A glittering, littering pile of
unchosen yet unfettered
Collected, and winnowed,
garbled and anointed,
defined and discarded,
The amateur cognoscente of words.
Breathing into focus,
an image emerges.


Process notes:
This is my first contribution to the photo prompts of Tess Kincaid on her blog The Mag at Magpie Tales

And it has WAY more words that I like to use... and they feel strained to me- but I imagine the  woman in the image might have strained a bit before she succumbed. Thanks for visiting-  

Further more:
I have spent a year now floating around in the world of words. I began writing Small Stones in January 2011 and never stopped. In the hour of time this piece took to evolve, it continued to push toward the idea of words and wordlessness. It highlights my continued efforts with words and the continued comfort with images. The happy photographer and the reluctant writer, I seem to continue to delve deeper than I ever intended.