Thursday, November 01, 2012

Prayerful Pause

this poem is a part of  Mindful Writing Day with Fiona and Kaspa
Blacksburg, VA- Nov 1, 2012

Peculiar fallen feathers,
atop the dried leaves on the sidewalk.
 Someone lost part of their Halloween costume last night.
this poem is a part of  

The measure of time gone by since my last post was made apparent when I had to think about how to post an image.  I have found my word for the year to be most useful - again.

Pause.   It is just fine to stop when you are out of breath, from being too busy, or just completely gone. 
I was completely gone here:

Sedona, Arizona October 2012

Flying back home, we are whirled into focus as we pray for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. A deep pause of prayer. 
xoxo teri


  1. Anonymous11/02/2012

    Beautiful photos. I especially love the pink feathers!

    1. Thank you Libby- they were rather strange to see in the light of day. I just had to snap a photo.

  2. Or - perhaps a flamingo visited your neighborhood. I wanted to try the mindful writing day but was asked to watch baby Samuel for a couple days. There went my mindfulness! Your Sedona photos awake memories for me - a very spiritual place.

    1. Barb- you were mindful without words.

  3. Stopping for breath is a blessing. If you hadn't stopped, we wouldn't have had the blessing of seeing your beautiful images.

    1. Cynthia - I thank you for such a nice comment.


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