Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Two, No Three Wordle Weekend

Sunday Wordle -October 6, 2012 
Seasons  by Teri. H  Hoover

Remember the charm of undeterred spring, exploding
into the (unacknowledged) fever of summer.

Sheathed in hazed filled recollections.
The crust of nostalgia becomes brittle only when touched. 
Hearts, like the willow, lift to catch the breeze.
The rustle of golden leaves,
in autumns setting sun.

We spend the turning seasons
piercing the pieces,
in the unbearable mending.
Winters sting is felt in every stitch.

NOTES and Wordle words: 

I thought I lost my the draft worlde. So I wrote a new one.  Then Brenda found my draft in her inbox. How strange.  

I write many of my poems as an email - and then send it to myself.  Last week my tablet crashed before I finished, and I thought my draft poem was lost.  Then Brenda wrote me a few days later and to say what a nice poem it was. I guess, when the tablet crashed, it sent it to her as a reply.  SO now I have two poems for last weeks words. 

Above is my second try. Below is the "lost" and unfinished original draft poem. 

The words were:charm, willows, crust, rustle, unbearable, explode, mending, fever, brittle, breeze, piercing, sheaths

Sunday Wordle -October 6, 2012 
untitled  by Teri. H  Hoover

Within this life's brittle crust
hearts like the willow lift to catch the breeze

To rustle golden leaves
in the setting sun of autumn.

The of charm of unrestrained spring
consumed in the fever of summer.

Sunday Wordle -October 14,  2012 
Failing to Breathe  by Teri. H  Hoover

Deeper than excuses found under the umbrella
of a bitter childhood.
Raindrops joined the dirt, to become
forgiven.  Mercy begins to suffocate.
The thunder vowed to stand in shifts of light.
Ready to inherit the silence.
That would wash it all away.

Words: umbrella, deeper, inherit, excuses, stand, become,thunder, childhood, joined, vowed, shifts, light
Notes- just wrote this and let it be.


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Failing to Breathe

Sunday Wordle -September 30, 2012 
Failing to Breathe  by Teri. H  Hoover

Filled with ambivalence, she slides into the room.
Incense curls quietly, uncornered. 
The sticky mat unrolls like a dazed bug.

Breathing out a sigh-
Longing for the flow of holy tenderness,
or water that ripples in the shape of light.

Fear flaps- wingless.
her breath in the counting.

Prayers fall mute
around her buried heart.
It will have wait until tomorrow.

  The words from Brenda's Sunday Whirl this week: dazed, incense, ambivalence, empties, holy, scurries,breathing, fear, flaps, prayers, water, tenderness

Notes: Some days the yoga mat is not my friend.