Sunday, August 26, 2012

High Wire

August 26, 2012  - a small Stone 
high wire by  Teri H Hoover
There  above our heads
between the bamboo branches and the willow 
a spider walking across an invisible wire. 


The Recipe

On the pencil thin line
between dusk and darkness
She opens the gate of the unpainted fence.

Bespattered with attempts
The recipe, bent and worn, falls from her pocket.
The chain of faded words on tattered paper
ready to flourish among fallen rose petals.

Entering loss without a trace of knowing
She searches but is already forgiven.
The empty pocket waits-
remembering the link
to something essential. 

Dusk pencils her heart into darkness.

Notes- There was a frenzy of  an "event" over on the Sunday Whirls Facebook page on Friday. To choose the words each person was to look at the word just posted and use word association to come up with their word. The word pencil sat in front of me - but all I saw was the dusk all around me, so I said dusk. ANYWAY not quite a word association.. So I thought the least I could do was put pencil and dusk in a sentence together and the last line in the poem dropped into my lap. Thanks for stopping by.

This weeks words:dusk, link, trace, empty, essentials, rose, pencils, fence, chain, recipe, forgiven, operator

Sunday, August 19, 2012

the long way 'round

On the tip of my tongue 
preludes of gentle thoughts 
wash away in the undertow of fears.

Humility tinted endeavors fall in drifts,
never enough to cover the limbs as they strain in their reaching.
We cannot fix what is lacking.

Tinny waves nick and split the heart
leaving vivid and unyielding scars
for others to carefully walk 


The words this week are:tip, fix, tinted, preludes, vivid, tinny, drifts,
nick, waves, gentle, limbs, insidious, split

Friday, August 17, 2012

Williamsville, New York

August 12, 2012-WELCOME HOME – PROMPT #68By Poetic Bloomings
Williamsville, New York- by Teri H Hoover

the old farm on a hill became a treeless street
that grew a home on every half acre-
our home facing east

half way between

the very top and the very bottom of the hill.

From my bedroom window on the second floor
I would watch the clouds and pretend they were the ocean.

My late entry for -

August 12, 2012-WELCOME HOME – PROMPT #68By Poetic Bloomings

Part3: Welcome Home Marie and I ask you to write your poem using your childhood home as inspiration. Be descriptive and paint your imagery as colorfully as you can. What color was your house? How was the neighborhood? Did you have a favorite room; hiding places? Wall paper or paint? – What memory of your home is the strongest for you? We will deal with the people in your home in later prompts. Right now, just give us a glimpse of where you lived. Include all you need to make us feel  at home.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

how to savor a moment

August 14, 2012  - a small Stone 
how to savor a moment Teri H Hoover

savoring the seven pm sun 
the green grass of august glows gold
I melt into the moment.



Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Morning

Wordle# 67, 68,  and 69-SundayWhirl-08-12-2012 Three weeks of wordle words in one wordle...oh my
This Morning by Teri H Hoover

Narrow thoughts pitch in the curtains of curvaceous satin.
Lace shadows channel caramel colored life into the dark room.
Amidst the pile of bed covers marrow supine, slumber sublime,
the languid link to the morning frenzy begins.
Reality unwavering,
meanders in a strange attack.
Falling awake- dreams dwindle, ricochet and spin,
then settle into an invisible compass that rolls onto the deck and slides port side.
Unfocused eyes squint and strain
not seeing
past the flooded store of wayward strands of hair
she navigates into sun drenched alcoves that float away away like a helium anchor.
Grasping the rough rail of loosely woven thoughts
only to have it unravel and spring
origami dreams of unfolded and pointless maps.
A stern wind whips up the curtains with a robust

This is my small stone and cell phone photo that was the seed for the above wordle...

 Morning whispered into the caramel colored curtains with a sigh.

Hello all -I missed the last two weeks of I have added them to this weeks!
I wrote a small stone about waking up this morning and snapped the photo with my cell phone.
Here are three weeks worth of words:

ricochet, invisible, curvaceous, narrow, maps, lace,dwindle, spin, warp, past, flooded, alcoves

marrow, link, store, anchor, wake, navigate, stern, deck, pitch, sink, rail, port
wayward, falling, frenzy, attack, sublime, strange, settle, rough, channel, ball, robust, life

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday, August 03, 2012


a bead of silk perfection
sweat floats down 
my bra-less back.

Thursday, August 02, 2012


 Sharing Thursday August 2, 2012-Analog
August 2, 2012  - a Small Stone
dreaming by Teri H Hoover

Words on my cup, half drunk, sit on a dream....yes a dream.
Arm cradled into  black sling.
Hot sun bakes pink phlox and evaporates water in the bird bath -outside the open kitchen window.
A boy, no a man- my nephew watches a movie in the next room.
A humming bird chitters its need for personal  space.
Shoulder aches into the shoulder blade,it is time for my afternoon nap.