Thursday, July 05, 2012

Writers "Block"

I am still writing...but not much. Here is why-

Here I am.The one armed bandit. Last Tuesday's (06-26-2012) surgery to repair my torn rotator cuff went very well. Here I am just going into surgery... looking much braver than I felt. Teddy,(just out of the box from my mother) was kind enough to go into surgery with me.

If you look close you can see the doctor drew a nice arrow to indicate where to operate. I know I am still on pain meds (only at night) but I think Teddy's head is a bit heart shaped. So I am contributing this photo for Guest Heart Thursday

I arrived home and made it through the first night in my borrowed recliner. Due to the use of a nerve block during surgery, I slept well. Wednesday I woke feeling like things were too good to be true. The nerve block began to wear off around 2 and I knew I would using every last one of the prescribed pain meds, during the coming week. 

On Friday night, Southwest Virginia was subjected to a Bow-echo storm. This strange phenomenon is like a non-swirling tornado. Cradling my slinged arm, me, my husband and my dog huddled on the basement stairs. Texting my sister, in Buffalo, NY, for when it was safe to go upstairs. It is a bit of a blur to me, but I think I was back in my recliner by 11PM.  My pain meds were not able to over ride the adrenaline. We and many others spent that night without electricity. I wept in solidarity with my willow, who had lost a huge branch (about the size around of the hub caps on my car tires) onto my neighbors patio.
 next door neighbors patio, Blacksburg, VA

Saturday was a blur of visitors and sleeping. Saturday evening another storm blew through-taking a few more branches from all the trees in the area, including  a few more from my willow.  It was not until Monday that thankfulness returned to me. Thankfulness that no one was injured by willows loss of limb, thankfulness for electricity, thankfulness for a skillful surgeon and the team of health care people, thankful for my friend Anne, for coordinating my care with my husband those first few days,thankful for all the thoughts and prayers, food and cards, books and movies. Thankful for all those that stopped by to sit with me. Thankful to all my online friends who sent emails and cards!  I am also very thankful to have learned how to type left handed... yup left handed.

 And the list would not be complete without saying how very thankful I am for my dog Pepper.

So without  further ado, here are my contributions for this weeks challenges. Due the surgery mentioned above each photo I take for the next 4-6 weeks will be with my Droid phone. 

 One of my first post-sugery photo
Backyard Garden, Blacksburg, VA-July 1, 2012  

My photoshopped, edited, layered and digitally remastered images-

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  1. Anonymous7/06/2012

    Get well soon. Thinking of you.

    1. Thank Libby, we are on the way. :-)

  2. you are a trooper. a bit of adventure and misadventure. hope you are as good as new soon!

  3. Wow, what ordeals you have been going through! Hope the storms have passed and that you will be feeling better soon. Blessings and healing energy coming your way :-)


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