Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Fling

Wordle#66-Sunday Whirl-07-21-2012 
 summer fling by Teri H Hoover

The summer sun sinks low around the horizon-
in a languid stretch. 
Rosy gold powder brushes the stray golden grasses-
They sway and swing
in the erotic fling.
In the afterglow
dusk pales like melancholy
and covers its eyes.

The Sunday Whirl Words this week were:
erotic, melancholy, rosy, gold, swing, powders, pale, cover, spray, grasses, fling, stray


  1. My wordle will be up tomorrow. Ours are very similar, I think. Great minds...

  2. That word erotic, in combination with fling, has a lot to answer for! This Wordle has provoked a lot of wild abandon poems. I like the economy of your poem, the picture painted with few words.

  3. This creates such a glowing mood, Teri.

  4. I feel like I want to take a deep breath of this fresh air...hold it for a while and breathe it back out so slowly.. this poem has such a lovely depth and, relaxing feel to it.
    Lovely write Teri.

  5. In some traditions Dusk is the beginning of day, time for Dusk to rejoice.
    But the colors of dusk can be melancholy so often signifying the end - Nice picture, worth a thousand and yet you used only a few well chosen wordles!

    I'm here:

  6. I love "they sway and swing in the erotic fling"...

  7. Ha! I was going to love the exact same line as Laurie! Well done Teri. This paints a fantastic picture.

  8. Dusk is the balancing element for that glorious sunset. Love this very evocative piece, well written and thought out. Really like the carry through on this one,


  9. Hi Teri,
    My computer wouldn't let me post a comment on your blog page, so here I am to add my 2 cents.

    Gorgeous writing this week, compact and wonderfully concise. I especially loved: "Rosy gold powder brushes the stray golden grasses" and "erotic fling."

    Hope your recovery is going smoothly!

    Thank you Marianne-I will just post it for you1 xo teri

  10. Lovely word picture you've painted. I enjoyed the contrasts.

  11. Really beautiful, Teri.


  12. Splendidly written piece.

  13. well done Teri, use of words and image captured

  14. Teri, you captured a true vision with these words. A tremendous effort. Enjoyed this!


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