Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Flash in the Pan of Nonsense

Wordle#65-Sunday Whirl-07-15-2012 
A Flash in the Pan of Nonsense by Teri H Hoover

The spray of oil flicks and 
swells, leaving behind smoking bits 
of  grittle.

The cook relishes the gravity
of  fragrant plants as they crack 
and smoke.

The heated chain of humility-
lays claim to the heart; a trigger
and release.

Close to going up in flames,
circling the limit just one more time 
or two.

With no way around it, we suffer 
like lemmings who cannot refrain
from the draw of the brittle, griddle of himility.

The words this week from Brenda over at The Sunday Whirl are:
flicks, swells, spray, grittle, gravity, plant,trigger, relishes, chain, crack, himility, refrain, claim

Notes: Initially the when the words came out humility was spelled himility and the word grittle was thought to be incorrect as well.  After a fine wordle rumpus things were straightened out. Humility was corrected and it was determined that grittle was indeed a word. I love week ends and all you wordlers!


  1. Reminds me of all the smoke given off when people BBQ and maybe birds flying through it.
    You used the two typo words to good effect in this Terri. :)

  2. The heated chain of humility-
    lays claim to the heart

    This portion really grabbed me!! Love the topic you used to wordle nice to read you today!!

  3. LOL- Your last stanza cracks me up and I love the title, Teri!

  4. Love the extended metaphor you found in the words. Your title is great. The laughter of yesterday echoes here. Your final stanza is outstanding. Laughter is such good medicine and seems to oil the pens of the poets,


  5. Wheeeee! I'm having such fun whirling through the pieces this morning. Yours made me laugh out loud and read it three times. Thank you for your fabulous word play, Teri.

  6. super word play -title to last word .... as I think I'm too obtuse to grasp most metaphors, I caught onto yours - hurray

  7. Excellent word play, Teri. Your humour shines in the piece. We love you too.


  8. How gorgeous, a wordle rumpus! And 4joy suggested in Barbara's blog that wordlese might be the language of wordles. That's cool, too.

    Love the way you carried the metaphor, drawing it in unexpected directions. I enjoyed not knowing where you would go with each succeeding stanza, and then the laugh [wry?] you present us with at the end. Love the first stanza and its deft imagery.

  9. Super wordle!! Fabulous word play!

  10. 'The cook relishes the gravity
    of fragrant plants as they crack
    and smoke.'

    I perhaps watch too many cooking shows, and I can actually picture various chefs in my mind doing just this...closing their eyes and sniffing as what they prepare comes out just the way it is supposed to...not at all humble at their talents. But then that's why we watch them and not the other way around! We however have something they do not we speak in Wordlese united Wordlers of the Sunday Whirl! Long live Wordles!

    Thanks for your visit and kind words...Friendship is indeed a kind anchor as we rumpus in waves of wordles... :)

  11. "The spray of oil flicks and
    swells, leaving behind smoking bits
    of grittle."
    I love this opening! Great use of the wordle words plus some additional playfulness. Great job.

  12. I loved the line "we suffer like lemmings" often true in today's world.

  13. Your nonsense is liberating. Thank you. No nonsense here.

  14. Anonymous7/16/2012

    Excellent fun, and a great belly laugh, too.

    I hope that you'll find time to read and comment on mine during week. I'm at

  15. Hi Teri! Just to let you know that I blogged about your site today...! much love Freya

  16. I got on board late and missed the whole typo harangue. I love how you worked them to you advantage, though Teri.

  17. A belated group hug. Left over grittle from my recent surgery has slowed me down a bit. Just wanted to say a big thank you,before Brenda sends out this weekends words. Xo teri


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