Sunday, May 06, 2012

the vermillion past

 Wordle#55-Sunday Whirl-05-05-2012 
 the vermillion past  by Teri H Hoover

They vibrate in the corner
in the upstairs studio.
Three boxes of magazine images, 
pruned from the pages of print,
Drawing in the artist,
a well baited hook.

Emerging by chance or design
from the grind of fluttering pages,
the vibrant, cobalt dot 
set out to align itself with
the faded vermillion square.
Nimbly, the obliging fingers
ignored the off beat contrast,
setting them together with a dab of glue.

A collage of comfort, upon the page.
Blue dot, embraces square gently,
and gives a subtle wink, in the direction of the artist.
Faded vermilion square remembers, a clear, bright past.  

Thank you once again Brenda-This weeks words for the Sunday whirl- cobalt, align, hook, vibrate, print, grind, contrast, emerging, chance, clear, dot, wink



  1. Love that you are bringing in the visual artist and writing the poem for that, much as we might write for a poem on writing.

    1. Margo,
      I think I need to do this more often... it gave a great desire to actually create a collage again; something I have not done in about 15 years.

  2. Some collages are so beautiful aren't they. Loved the imagery in this of the boxes filled with old magazine pages, just waiting to be used.
    Lovely use of the whirl prompt words :)

    1. DDtoo- These boxes actually exist, and they are waiting to be used. Thanks for coming by.

  3. This is an excellent write, Teri. You bring the images to life, and make the process of creating art real. The feelings...the memories of process.

  4. Nice combination of the words, vibrant and amusing!
    Best, M.

  5. I like "off beat contrast" because I like off beat contrasts. I like what you did with contrasts here: the colors cobalt and vermillion, and the shapes, dot and square.


  6. Teri, nice use of colours ans shapes in this. I love the combination of poem and visual art. Nice read.


  7. You have reminded me of the time when I tore out magazine ads and made paper cranes out of never did know what the end result from what the folding of the paper would bring. How fun to have the time to play with an old box of magazines...Two for one art, the collage and verse!

    My Wordle is here:

  8. very good, i like the idea of an artist's source material 'vibrating', a reminder calling out.

  9. So creative, Teri. This reminds me of my teaching days. I'd collect old magazines for sundry day projects such as collage making. It was always so fun. Thank you.

  10. I also used collage in my classroom as a source point for writing. Your piece brought back several boxes of memories. Thank you. especially liked the details of process you incorporated in your write.


  11. Very nice ... I too love the combination of the arts ... and what's better than a collage? not much, I don't think ...

  12. Love your use of this prompt. Very well done.


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