Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Carried Away

May 2, 2012  - Not really a Small Stone 
carried away  by Teri H Hoover

I walked out my backdoor... and ponder the very tall clouds, rumbling off to the west.

Nearly half way through my walk-
the thick blanket of heat consuming my body,
is carried off
by a slight but sturdy breeze

Up the almost flat stairs, I am nearly home-
Slight Breeze tumbles the leaves above my head and whisks me forward.

Opening the gate into my backyard garden -
the rain clouds are no where to be seen.
Slight Breeze has carried them away.
I grab the hose to water the hopeful herbs.

Slight Breeze throws a cooling spray into the air
Old hot skin, dampens and smiles.


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  1. I could feel the breeze . . . I am always excited when I see your name pop up telling me there's a new posting from Teri :)


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