Thursday, May 31, 2012

For a Friend

A poem for a friend- and writer. 
She writes and whirls through prompts and pages. 
Here's to you Jules Paige

There in the labyrinth 
Words like Jewels 
shine and shimmer.

Here are her blogs- JulesGemStonePages, and JulesGemsand Stuff

This month she began each poem with the last line of the previous poem. Each poem also had the word labyrinth. Besides this she can be found over on the writing community Writing Our Way Home welcoming new members and taking part in the Daily Gathering, as well as adding her small stones.  

Here is my favorite post this month-

letting go is just as powerful as holding tight…
that memory that is just on the edge, nagging greys
or that roller coaster moment, the warmth of warm ocean
the explosion of grief, worry,  that bird name you want to remember
the labyrinth of life holds our secrets and too recipes that we can share…


May  29, 2012  - a Small Stone
transformations by Teri H Hoover 

Tattered cotton-ball clouds,
caught up in
electric wires.
 Huckleberry Trail, Blacksburg, VA- May 30, 2012

Electric wires cut 
Tattered cotton-ball clouds
 pulling themselves 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

lines of connection

May  29, 2012  - a Small Stone
lines of connection  by Teri H Hoover

Shadows of branches
stretched across the mulch
like varicose veins.
I think of my grandmother.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Tarnished Line

Wordle#58-Sunday Whirl-05-27-2012 
A Tarnished Line  by Teri H Hoover

Within the quiet cocoon
drenched in transparent promises 
to create a burnished heart.

Within the austere cocoon
unhindered by emotional barnacles
it is easy to still the tongue.

Within the brittle cocoon
a blur between leaving and clinging,
emerging to newborn dissatisfaction.

Without the rough cocoon-
Flinty chalk will scrape across the skin,

The first of many lines.

 The words this week from Brenda's Sunday Whirl- 
scrape, tongue, brittle, austere, barnacles, drenched, chalk, flinty, blur, burnished, cocoon, rough

Friday, May 25, 2012


May  25, 2012  - a Small Stone
septuagenarian by Teri H Hoover

The shirtless septuagenarian
rattles his bones as he runs by.

He was actually in fantastic shape- and no I did not ask this man his age. But I think it is a good guess.
From Wikipedia on Aging

Term Age (years, inclusive)
Newborn birth to 1 month
Infant 0 to 1
Toddler 1 to 2
Preschooler 3 to 4
Child/Kid 5 to 9
Pre-Teenager 10 to 12
Teenager 13 to 19
Vicenarian 20 to 29
Tricenarian 30 to 39
Quadragenarian 40 to 49
Quinquagenarian 50 to 59
Sexagenarian 60 to 69
Septuagenarian 70 to 79
Octogenarian 80 to 89
Nonagenarian 90 to 99
Centenarian 100 to 109
Supercentenarian 110 and older

Thursday, May 24, 2012


May  24, 2012  - a Small Stone
listening  by Teri H Hoover

The sign leaned in
hoping to hear something more interesting.

Leaning without longing
Listing without leaving

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a list to myself

Margo Roby's Tuesday Tryouts- "Self" 
a list to myself by Teri H Hoover

I am
this freshly paved path and somehow uneven
I am
the lift of birdsong winding through treetops
I am
the leaf falling away from the crowd
I am
the thought soaring alone, between beginnings
I am
as ornery as an old metal fence
I am
as obliging as stepping stones through a puddle
I am
the first rain drops on my cheek... telling me to put up my umbrella
I am
the pull on a dog's leash... this dog is quite sure there will be thunder
I am
the release of raindrops beginning to fall
I am
the grip of a hand on a tiny umbrella
I am
the song of the red-winged blackbird that makes me remember
I am
the color green after a summer rain that helps me forget
I am
walking home in the rain like the smell of honeysuckle
I am
forever the girl from long ago...running away
I am
older now and trying to return.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

dreaming to my self

 Key West, FL- April 2012

I am the dream 
I linger close
my body drifts away.

 Every Tuesday Margo Roby brings the blogging world a new writing prompt. This week she asked us to look at the concept of self. This little poem is a tentative  beginning .


Sunday, May 20, 2012


Wordle#57-Sunday Whirl-05-20-2012 
Reaching  by Teri H Hoover

           A clock on the wall measures out time
The color of bones.

       A flower in the window leans into itself to remember 
The curve of the sunlight on its face.

       A tired universe hides beneath an old woman's quilt. 
The frayed edges of memory come alive with touch her hand.

Shall I tell you of the teaming stillness, of the bone without marrow
and how hope
clattered away, with secrets unshared ?

Shall I linger
in the depths, where the massive darkness bids the heart to drown?

Be still-

hush the clock, 
remember the warmth of the curve, 
believe the frayed edge has a story to tell.

The soft hips rise from the earth
like the crocuses leaving the depths of secret grief.
Perhaps, the path back home is not the way we came in. 

Notes: Warning- written while overtired. Hope you all have a had a wonderful weekend.  I am intrigued to see where the words took everyone.

This weeks Sunday Whirl words- 
hips, marrow, crocuses, stillness, massive, secret, flower, grief, window, perhaps, hand, clatter, colors

Sunday, May 13, 2012


 Wordle#56-Sunday Whirl-05-13-2012 
undeterred  by Teri H Hoover

The summit of her intention
rolled quietly to the valley far below.
Plagued by indigenous, hell-bent demons,  
disguised as a small string of goddess distractions.  
Fit to be tied. The laces set to trap and tangle.

Flags unfurling in a ritual of release,
hang at half-mast.
The elaborated eloquence fills in every sigh.
Elevating the significance, 
scrapping her barefoot soul. 
 Prayerful pause - there she finds 
The spirit of light and love-
And cracks a brilliant smile.
Flags fly high to catch the breeze.
No longer lost, but lifted.
Undeterred simplicity
the strong, and sacred thread. 

Sunday Whirl Words-Thank your Brenda!
indigenous, significance, goddess, sacred, demons, visit, rituals, summit, elaborated, intention, flags, string 

This time the word from hell was elaborated.I even went so far as to google it - to see it used in other sentences. I came across a piece on sentence clarity (see below) What a lot of  BIG words for what seemed a simple concept. LOL-Thanks for stopping by!

Effects of Elaboration and Relational Distinctiveness in Sentence Memory

Saturday, May 12, 2012


May 12, 2012  - a Small Stone
leaves   by Teri H Hoover

shimmering in the light
lounging in the shade

Monday, May 07, 2012


May 8, 2012  - a Small Stone
 acceptance   by Teri H Hoover

The trail accepted the fallen blossoms
without judgement


Sunday, May 06, 2012

the vermillion past

 Wordle#55-Sunday Whirl-05-05-2012 
 the vermillion past  by Teri H Hoover

They vibrate in the corner
in the upstairs studio.
Three boxes of magazine images, 
pruned from the pages of print,
Drawing in the artist,
a well baited hook.

Emerging by chance or design
from the grind of fluttering pages,
the vibrant, cobalt dot 
set out to align itself with
the faded vermillion square.
Nimbly, the obliging fingers
ignored the off beat contrast,
setting them together with a dab of glue.

A collage of comfort, upon the page.
Blue dot, embraces square gently,
and gives a subtle wink, in the direction of the artist.
Faded vermilion square remembers, a clear, bright past.  

Thank you once again Brenda-This weeks words for the Sunday whirl- cobalt, align, hook, vibrate, print, grind, contrast, emerging, chance, clear, dot, wink


Thursday, May 03, 2012

the white t-shirt

May 3, 2012  - a Small Stone 
the white t-shirt   by Teri H Hoover

His swaying white t shirt...
comes to a stop.

The tired runner begins to walk

Huckleberry Trail, Blacksburg VA- May 3, 2012

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Carried Away

May 2, 2012  - Not really a Small Stone 
carried away  by Teri H Hoover

I walked out my backdoor... and ponder the very tall clouds, rumbling off to the west.

Nearly half way through my walk-
the thick blanket of heat consuming my body,
is carried off
by a slight but sturdy breeze

Up the almost flat stairs, I am nearly home-
Slight Breeze tumbles the leaves above my head and whisks me forward.

Opening the gate into my backyard garden -
the rain clouds are no where to be seen.
Slight Breeze has carried them away.
I grab the hose to water the hopeful herbs.

Slight Breeze throws a cooling spray into the air
Old hot skin, dampens and smiles.


Tuesday, May 01, 2012


May 1, 2012  - Small Stones  
focus by Teri H Hoover

On the asphalt trail 
just beyond the shadow... 
a litter of fallen flower blossoms-
draws my attention.

(This photo with my cell phone actually highlights the point that the fallen blossoms were not very noticeable. Of late I am intrigued by what draws my eye and my thoughts. A return to small stones seems to be calling.)