Sunday, March 18, 2012

at the table

Silent gestures, drive the direction 
and carry the next hand.
Imperceptible nods, follow a glance.
Inherent in the silent sources -
insiders are selected for the delivery.   

Noisily shifting, without direction,
bound to their uncomfortable seats.
Wide-eyed wanting, stranded without connection.
Previous miscalculations, drowning in drawing dead-
outsiders at the table, have found their limit.

The high pitched singing
in the hallways,
drags out the drama
like an unsharpened knife. 

The words -gestures, drive,carry, hand,follows,inherent  sources, delivery, previous, limit, singing, hallways, drama, 
The Process:  "Silent gestures", was were I started. I must have been channeling the movie 
The Sting from 1973 because I don't play cards. I have trouble playing solitaire