Monday, February 13, 2012


Melinda by Teri H Hoover

It was nearly ten. In an hour she would go off to work, for the first time in nine years... for now she would not have to face another interview.
The small child in the garden, did not see her mother watching her through the kitchen window. All of nine years old, you could tell that she had added the purple belt in a flourish to her mismatched outfit. This was not 2010 when children were dressed that way on purpose. This was 1991. A wayward sticker of a smiling Elmo, riding a bike, in between the hand prints,  gave the window a sense of clarity. Those stickers did have a way of ending up everywhere. Her mother leaned her hand into her clean pants. Just last year she had thought she wanted a child that wanted to fit in. Instead there was Melinda, looking as though she had ransacked the left overs at a rummage sale. 
It was not for lack trying. Grandma Marlene had loved to shop. From the time Melinda was barely able to walk, there had been a blur of outings, to the overgrown malls and boutiques. The culture of the box. Where marketing gurus and the trade executives bowed to the visions of designers, who had never had children. They filled that box with a fog of promises and love catching charms.  Back in the board room, a manilla enveloped, that should have been marked, "confidential",  leaked the bottom line; never let them know them know they are a customer. Grandma Marlene never knew.
When her father found another pretty lady to love. Melinda never missed those pre-matched set of clothes. She did miss her Gran Lennie though.  The times between visits had became less and less. Her mother stood looking out the kitchen window. Through her weeping she saw the small child in the garden. There was a dried leaf in her hair that almost looked like a bird. Melinda was talking to herself and smiling.

Process notes...

I tried not to let the words take over this time- (in my last wordle attempt just sayin'....there were only four other words besides the one's in the wordle) I was hoping starting in the garden (which is where this started) would bring something light. Maybe next time huh?

The words: 
belt, fog, interview, sticker, blur,ransacked,weeping, visions, confidential, customer, charms, trade.


  1. A lot of emotion in this piece, Teri. Nice piece of prose writing.


  2. Engaging read, the girl in the photo reminded me of me. :) Thank you for being a bit really is a good read.


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