Sunday, January 15, 2012

scraped knees

January 15, 2012- Small Stones  
scraped knees  by  Teri H Hoover

The sky crawled on toward Monday,
scraping its knees, on the barren trees of Sunday.

Virginia Tech Drillfield, Blacksburg, VA Jan 15, 2012



  1. Wonderfully expressed: scraping its knees on Sundays barren trees, I just love it! And that photo is stunning!

    1. Thanks Inger! Another one from my Droid cell phone! With a little help in photoshop.

  2. Anonymous1/20/2012

    spare and elegantly expressed, reminds me of Tu Fu.
    I'm so glad you visited my blog -- one stone finding another in the river.

  3. Dearest Small Stone adventurer AKA Suitablefish- thanks for stopping by my blog-I hope to we see each other often in the river! (I did not see a way to contact you via email, so I hope you see this!


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