Sunday, January 22, 2012


reunion by Teri H Hoover

My sisters and I

We spent years
guarding our secret sorrows
in numb silence.
Until the crush of 2009...

the instincts and urges of long ago,
the old story remained, covered in our memory shards;
tired ashen charms to scald and scatter.
A knack for whispering conversations
circling the bitterness
until there was nothing else to say.

Awash in wretched darkness
Heaven reached down and poured a light 
upon the path in between the tears
we walked together
for the first time
after knowing each other all are lives.



  1. What a powerful -- and brave -- poem. Wonderful...

    1. Annette-You know I am reluctantly brave. Thank goodness the pen is mightier than the sword. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. This is very inspiring. Thanks for giving me hope.

    1. I am so thankful for your comment... I wanted there to be hope. There is indeed hope.

  3. Heaven reached down and poured a light

    I like that!

  4. I really liked this. It was powerful and deep and spoke about some very human emotions.

    I especially liked...
    "A knack for whispering conversations
    circling the bitterness
    until there was nothing else to say."

    A wonderful use of the wordle words.

  5. Some of us are still waiting for that 'poured love light' - while not entirely with out merits, my own sisterly relationship still seems to have 'a knack for whispering conversations circling the bitterness...'

  6. Your poem has so many layers of meaning - I've read it several times. The "numb silence" replaced by reunion of spirit is very uplifting to me. Sometimes, we must break the chain of behavior we've learned from childhood and find a more unfettered way. I'm so glad you're writing, Teri - I look forward to your honest stones.

  7. Interesting poem because I don't have sister. So there's no drama in my life from that.

  8. What a breakthrough! Sounds like it untied some knots. Great stone!

  9. Teri, this poem resonates with me, as I have a strained relation with my only sister. It is sad, yet it filled me with some hope. Thank you.



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