Tuesday, January 17, 2012

liberated stitches

January 17, 2012- Small Stones  
liberated stitches by  Teri H Hoover

A nest of sewing machines
set into motion.
Their song stitched together 
with threads of conversation.

Blacksburg Presbyterian Church, Blacksburg, VA- Jan 17, 2012

Hello my name is Teri and I am a fabric-aholic.  Seriously, I do have a bit of fabric. I am blessed to be part of  two quilting groups. Today I was working a group of quilters who meet at the Blacksburg Presbyterian church, 2 Tuesdays a month. We trundle in with sewing  machines and project bags; working for 3-4 hours. I am usually late and only work about 2 hours. The above small stone (written observation) came about while sewing on my nearly completed quilt (started the week of December 5th).  Just call me the fabric liberator.   


  1. I hope you get this as some blogger sites are not being nice today - just can't access them from The River. Not sure what the issue...
    I like the play of the sewing machines stitching conversations!

  2. Beautiful, Teri. The quilt and the poem. I can just hear the chatter of machines and voices. Lovely.

  3. I like both the music in the poem and the color in your quilt.

  4. Oh Teri, this is a delightful stone, and a beautiful quilt! I have just taken up quilting and I must admit, I have bought more fabric than I can ever turn into quilts!

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous! I can't believe how fast you got it done (must be the two groups you belong to). I did a little quilting in the past and it is time consuming - and I'm not good at all with a sewing machine. I am VERY impressed!

  6. I was enthused to see your quilting. I think it may be a little like my yarning. And the converstaion in song? Right up my alley.

  7. Your quilts are so beautiful, and I love those color schemes! Isn't it just wonderful to be creating art with friends? It's so inspiring. Love the stone too!

  8. Teri I LOVE this...my husband used to call me a textile geek (I graduated from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science as a textile designer---my major was KNITTING---which usually makes people laugh)...but when we go shopping, so many years after my textile days, I still have to guess what a fabric's content is, first by looking then by touching, then peeking at the label...I'm usually right:-)


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