Sunday, January 22, 2012

host and banditry

January 22, 2012-Prompt-Photography by Dan Habermehl
host and banditry by Teri H Hoover

A changing sky of bright white clouds,
emerging into a snowbound contentment


A cheerful insurrection of chickadees and sparrows,
painted into the passive leaves of winter.

photography by Dan Habermehl- Jan 2012

Process notes- Thanks to my brother Dan  who takes wonderful photos. He posted this one on his Facebook page on Sunday. It seems we both immediately saw a collection of birds among the dried leaves. It took a bit of untangling the image into words. And then came time for a title.  I was aware that there were many collective nouns for groupings of birds... but not THIS many!! A shout out to Red and The Peanut - a great birding blog I just found.  I learn so much in the time I pause to write.


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  1. Wow, I didn't realize they weren't birds until I read your notes!


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