Saturday, January 28, 2012

50 years later

January 28, 2012- Small Stones
50 years later by  Teri H Hoover

Peace was found smoldering,
like an aging hippie
whose fire had gone cold.

The Farm, Catawba, VA- Jan 28, 2012 

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Notes: This past Saturday I had the opportunity to visit with friends at their farm in the hills of Southwest Virginia. Exploring  the abandoned home on my friends property was an unexpected sojourn into wondering. Who were these people? What stories would four children who grew up in a two bedroom home, with running water in the kitchen and two fireplaces for heat and acres and acres of land? 

This piece was prompted by the thought that the last fire in this fireplace probably occured in the late 1960's.


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  1. Found a home similar to that in Upstate NY - it seems that for all intensive purposes they had planned to come back... This was in the 1960's - A small home in the country. Food left in the frig even...(though the electricity was turned off) old magazines, old everything. Two young girls exploring, trespassing on what was left of a life in progress? Could have been hippies that either found more responsibilities - or delved further into obscurity... Fits your place and mine.


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