Thursday, December 13, 2012

This Time

 old bench Singapore, Dec 13 2012-
cell phone photo

Small Stone 
This time by Teri H Hoover

Blown down in last nights rain, tiny white blossoms have faded into the color of old paper, reminding me of the origami cranes I saw yesterday.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

With Abandon (2)

The red leaf maple shakes her leaves like lingerie, 
exposing graceful branches.

Thursday, November 08, 2012


November 08, 2012  - a small Stone 
With Abandon  Teri H Hoover

Scribbles upon dry leaves;
the diary of summer
scampers along this path with abandon.

I would like to gather them back into place.  

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Voting Day

November 06, 2012  - a small Stone 
Voting Day,  Teri H Hoover

My nose is cold as I arrive at the library, just down the street.
Timing allows me to sidestep the acquisition of leaflets.
Sound bites of battle
shuffled into a hush.
Intriguingly awkward, the line squirms
this way and that.
My nose is much warmer now.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Prayerful Pause

this poem is a part of  Mindful Writing Day with Fiona and Kaspa
Blacksburg, VA- Nov 1, 2012

Peculiar fallen feathers,
atop the dried leaves on the sidewalk.
 Someone lost part of their Halloween costume last night.
this poem is a part of  

The measure of time gone by since my last post was made apparent when I had to think about how to post an image.  I have found my word for the year to be most useful - again.

Pause.   It is just fine to stop when you are out of breath, from being too busy, or just completely gone. 
I was completely gone here:

Sedona, Arizona October 2012

Flying back home, we are whirled into focus as we pray for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. A deep pause of prayer. 
xoxo teri

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Two, No Three Wordle Weekend

Sunday Wordle -October 6, 2012 
Seasons  by Teri. H  Hoover

Remember the charm of undeterred spring, exploding
into the (unacknowledged) fever of summer.

Sheathed in hazed filled recollections.
The crust of nostalgia becomes brittle only when touched. 
Hearts, like the willow, lift to catch the breeze.
The rustle of golden leaves,
in autumns setting sun.

We spend the turning seasons
piercing the pieces,
in the unbearable mending.
Winters sting is felt in every stitch.

NOTES and Wordle words: 

I thought I lost my the draft worlde. So I wrote a new one.  Then Brenda found my draft in her inbox. How strange.  

I write many of my poems as an email - and then send it to myself.  Last week my tablet crashed before I finished, and I thought my draft poem was lost.  Then Brenda wrote me a few days later and to say what a nice poem it was. I guess, when the tablet crashed, it sent it to her as a reply.  SO now I have two poems for last weeks words. 

Above is my second try. Below is the "lost" and unfinished original draft poem. 

The words were:charm, willows, crust, rustle, unbearable, explode, mending, fever, brittle, breeze, piercing, sheaths

Sunday Wordle -October 6, 2012 
untitled  by Teri. H  Hoover

Within this life's brittle crust
hearts like the willow lift to catch the breeze

To rustle golden leaves
in the setting sun of autumn.

The of charm of unrestrained spring
consumed in the fever of summer.

Sunday Wordle -October 14,  2012 
Failing to Breathe  by Teri. H  Hoover

Deeper than excuses found under the umbrella
of a bitter childhood.
Raindrops joined the dirt, to become
forgiven.  Mercy begins to suffocate.
The thunder vowed to stand in shifts of light.
Ready to inherit the silence.
That would wash it all away.

Words: umbrella, deeper, inherit, excuses, stand, become,thunder, childhood, joined, vowed, shifts, light
Notes- just wrote this and let it be.


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Failing to Breathe

Sunday Wordle -September 30, 2012 
Failing to Breathe  by Teri. H  Hoover

Filled with ambivalence, she slides into the room.
Incense curls quietly, uncornered. 
The sticky mat unrolls like a dazed bug.

Breathing out a sigh-
Longing for the flow of holy tenderness,
or water that ripples in the shape of light.

Fear flaps- wingless.
her breath in the counting.

Prayers fall mute
around her buried heart.
It will have wait until tomorrow.

  The words from Brenda's Sunday Whirl this week: dazed, incense, ambivalence, empties, holy, scurries,breathing, fear, flaps, prayers, water, tenderness

Notes: Some days the yoga mat is not my friend.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Distinguishable Outlines

Sunday Wordle -September 23, 2012 
Distinguishable Outlines  by Teri. H  Hoover

Within the eye of the storm, I linger.  In the husk of ashen twilight
where damp bolts of emotion lean into each other. 
We stand in bundles.
Like fabric before it's cut.

Not trapped, but waiting.

Tears, gently folded into the corner of a kleenex.
I stand. The storm comes in, ripping at the seams.

Shook to the core, we remain- this bundle.
Leaning into the storm, that climbed and claimed.

Sunday Wordle- the words are:damp, trapped, husk, shook, bring, corners, bundles, climbed, bolts, storm, remain, ash

Notes: This poem is in honor of a dear friend who died last Friday.The post below is from my photography blog and surrounds my poem with a cushion of words and images.


Distinguishable Outlines

This post is dedicated to the remembrance of a dear friend, who passed away on Sept 15. Her funeral was today. Rest in peace Grace-

In the dusk before the day, I carry a basket of paper to the alley for trash pick up. There. floating through my head, I catch this thought:  "I am walking too close to the overhang of the garage." Too close, to the potential September spider webs, of southwest Virginia.  I veer away from the garage, toward the dying tomato plants. The unproductive, dying, tomato plants.  There is a thick fog holding up daylight, and spider webs, and dying tomato plants. 

In the dusk before the day, I wonder if there is a word for morning dusk.


It is now evening, I come back thoughts left hanging in  astronomical dawn,  or more correctly, astronomical twilight. Dawn- of course, the flip side of dusk. Who knew? Twilight happens in the morning too.  All my deepest thoughts, tangle into those who have pondered longer, and more intensely than I.  The most illuminating line was this sentence, "For a considerable interval after the beginning of morning twilight and before the end of evening twilight, sky illumination is so faint that it is practically imperceptible." 

Why are thoughts about things that are "practically imperceptible" a comfort for me today? Talking about the funeral would be just too hard.

I ponder that I have been away from my blog for awhile, again. I am not remorseful. I may have been remorseful yesterday, but not today. 

I find comfort in this writing. Like a quilt, we create a place to find warmth. Although I write from this place of sadness - I also am filled with a calm. It could be a numbness, but I think it is calm. I think of my friend and know her faith has brought her home.

Life happens, in the bright sunny spots and the twilight. We find ourselves, veering away from possible unseen spider webs, toward dying tomato plants. We find our distinguishable outlines, as the sun comes up. There is grace all around us.

Distinguishable Outlines by Teri H Hoover

Within the eye of the storm, I linger.  In the husk of ashen twilight
where damp bolts of emotion lean into each other. 
We stand in bundles.
Like fabric before it's cut.

Not trapped, but waiting.

Tears, gently folded into the corner of a kleenex.
I stand. The storm comes in ripping at the seams.

Shook to the core, we remain- this bundle.
Leaning into the storm, that climbed and claimed.

Sunday Wordle- the words are:damp, trapped, husk, shook, bring, corners, bundles, climbed, bolts, storm, remain, ash

It was a spectacular day. My friend Grace's favorite kind of day.
Can't you see her pedaling along that path?

Remember to love, breathe and love. Oh and buy lots of fabric
xoxo teri
Easy Piecers Quilt Group- January 2012- Our last group photo with Grace...


Rise, Set, and Twilight Definitions  are from the Astronomical Applications Department, (The United States Naval Observatory (USNO)3450 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20392-5420) The U.S. Naval Observatory computes, from fundamental astronomical reference data, the position, brightness, and other observable characteristics of celestial bodies, as well as the circumstances of astronomical phenomena.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Through the Exterior

Sunday Wordle -September 17, 2012
Through the Exterior by Teri. H  Hoover

In this silent longing, peering
through layers,
the silhouette of the artist emerges,
Color saunters in,
like a lyric
written for a lover. Winding its way
around the heart.
Rich tresses, of intimate buoyancy,
desires exposed, in a sensuous lift.
Iterations of alliteration, begin to bend and break.
All that reining in with measured living,
Slips away with one simple touch.

A wordle challenge from Walt Wojtanik:
From the thirteen words, choose one word to use as a part of your title. That word becomes your “theme” for your wordle.
Using the “other” twelve words, craft your wordle poem.  The words  artist , sensuous, lilting, rich,exterior,silent, silhouette, color, saunter, lyric,  peering, alliteration, tresses

Notes: Firstly- I am using a tablet (not my laptop) to write and post this. I am unsure how this piece will format. We will see. I am away, visiting a friend and considering how to best pursue all things creative, this piece came to life.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Reluctant Bow

The Reluctant Bow by Teri H Hoover

Tied up
in their stunning hubris, gassed into
a smooth and subtle knot,
obscuring evidence of struggle.

Avoidance of direct routes.
Witty white
all around creating drag,
like riding in second gear.

Tied up
bedraggled -melodramatic in their blinded eyes.
Thread bare and tattered.
This drowning occurs in plain sight.

Bell tolling
for the deaf. 
They fall
into his closet
of invisible clothes-

Tied up
consumed in the dance of laughing lies.
Shielded inside the knot
Number nine repeats in the background
Even as death
ties another knot.

I shift further away.

This weeks words:bare last gear final evidence refresh gassed smooth number white shift nine

Sunday, August 26, 2012

High Wire

August 26, 2012  - a small Stone 
high wire by  Teri H Hoover
There  above our heads
between the bamboo branches and the willow 
a spider walking across an invisible wire. 


The Recipe

On the pencil thin line
between dusk and darkness
She opens the gate of the unpainted fence.

Bespattered with attempts
The recipe, bent and worn, falls from her pocket.
The chain of faded words on tattered paper
ready to flourish among fallen rose petals.

Entering loss without a trace of knowing
She searches but is already forgiven.
The empty pocket waits-
remembering the link
to something essential. 

Dusk pencils her heart into darkness.

Notes- There was a frenzy of  an "event" over on the Sunday Whirls Facebook page on Friday. To choose the words each person was to look at the word just posted and use word association to come up with their word. The word pencil sat in front of me - but all I saw was the dusk all around me, so I said dusk. ANYWAY not quite a word association.. So I thought the least I could do was put pencil and dusk in a sentence together and the last line in the poem dropped into my lap. Thanks for stopping by.

This weeks words:dusk, link, trace, empty, essentials, rose, pencils, fence, chain, recipe, forgiven, operator

Sunday, August 19, 2012

the long way 'round

On the tip of my tongue 
preludes of gentle thoughts 
wash away in the undertow of fears.

Humility tinted endeavors fall in drifts,
never enough to cover the limbs as they strain in their reaching.
We cannot fix what is lacking.

Tinny waves nick and split the heart
leaving vivid and unyielding scars
for others to carefully walk 


The words this week are:tip, fix, tinted, preludes, vivid, tinny, drifts,
nick, waves, gentle, limbs, insidious, split

Friday, August 17, 2012

Williamsville, New York

August 12, 2012-WELCOME HOME – PROMPT #68By Poetic Bloomings
Williamsville, New York- by Teri H Hoover

the old farm on a hill became a treeless street
that grew a home on every half acre-
our home facing east

half way between

the very top and the very bottom of the hill.

From my bedroom window on the second floor
I would watch the clouds and pretend they were the ocean.

My late entry for -

August 12, 2012-WELCOME HOME – PROMPT #68By Poetic Bloomings

Part3: Welcome Home Marie and I ask you to write your poem using your childhood home as inspiration. Be descriptive and paint your imagery as colorfully as you can. What color was your house? How was the neighborhood? Did you have a favorite room; hiding places? Wall paper or paint? – What memory of your home is the strongest for you? We will deal with the people in your home in later prompts. Right now, just give us a glimpse of where you lived. Include all you need to make us feel  at home.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

how to savor a moment

August 14, 2012  - a small Stone 
how to savor a moment Teri H Hoover

savoring the seven pm sun 
the green grass of august glows gold
I melt into the moment.



Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Morning

Wordle# 67, 68,  and 69-SundayWhirl-08-12-2012 Three weeks of wordle words in one wordle...oh my
This Morning by Teri H Hoover

Narrow thoughts pitch in the curtains of curvaceous satin.
Lace shadows channel caramel colored life into the dark room.
Amidst the pile of bed covers marrow supine, slumber sublime,
the languid link to the morning frenzy begins.
Reality unwavering,
meanders in a strange attack.
Falling awake- dreams dwindle, ricochet and spin,
then settle into an invisible compass that rolls onto the deck and slides port side.
Unfocused eyes squint and strain
not seeing
past the flooded store of wayward strands of hair
she navigates into sun drenched alcoves that float away away like a helium anchor.
Grasping the rough rail of loosely woven thoughts
only to have it unravel and spring
origami dreams of unfolded and pointless maps.
A stern wind whips up the curtains with a robust

This is my small stone and cell phone photo that was the seed for the above wordle...

 Morning whispered into the caramel colored curtains with a sigh.

Hello all -I missed the last two weeks of I have added them to this weeks!
I wrote a small stone about waking up this morning and snapped the photo with my cell phone.
Here are three weeks worth of words:

ricochet, invisible, curvaceous, narrow, maps, lace,dwindle, spin, warp, past, flooded, alcoves

marrow, link, store, anchor, wake, navigate, stern, deck, pitch, sink, rail, port
wayward, falling, frenzy, attack, sublime, strange, settle, rough, channel, ball, robust, life

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday, August 03, 2012


a bead of silk perfection
sweat floats down 
my bra-less back.

Thursday, August 02, 2012


 Sharing Thursday August 2, 2012-Analog
August 2, 2012  - a Small Stone
dreaming by Teri H Hoover

Words on my cup, half drunk, sit on a dream....yes a dream.
Arm cradled into  black sling.
Hot sun bakes pink phlox and evaporates water in the bird bath -outside the open kitchen window.
A boy, no a man- my nephew watches a movie in the next room.
A humming bird chitters its need for personal  space.
Shoulder aches into the shoulder blade,it is time for my afternoon nap.

Monday, July 23, 2012

seperations and beginnings

July 23,, 2012  - a Small Stone
 Separations and beginnings by Teri H Hoover 

 From 18 years of Western New York to the hills of Virginia...into my broken arms.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Fling

Wordle#66-Sunday Whirl-07-21-2012 
 summer fling by Teri H Hoover

The summer sun sinks low around the horizon-
in a languid stretch. 
Rosy gold powder brushes the stray golden grasses-
They sway and swing
in the erotic fling.
In the afterglow
dusk pales like melancholy
and covers its eyes.

The Sunday Whirl Words this week were:
erotic, melancholy, rosy, gold, swing, powders, pale, cover, spray, grasses, fling, stray

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Resolving Therese

WordGathering- Tuesday Tryouts with Margo Roby-ACROSTICS-July 17,2012
A Double Acrostic

Resolving Therese by Teri H Hoover

thoroughly unresolved in a singular thought
hidden actions are focused, hell bent and harsh.
emerging erratically everything she loves will entangle.
ruminations no longer default into paralysis of the soul-but the memory remains longer than a river,
enlightened by grace, enriched by age, blessings encircle,
simply by love, she moves from the shadows
effortlessly resolving into enough.

Notes: Even though I am not one to follow intricate writing prompts, I faithfully read Margo Roby's Tuesday Tryouts. Her prompts always pique my curiosity and leave me wishing I had taken writing in college. Her followers are a talented bunch and make for a lively interactions in her comment section. Every so often I find myself drawn in. Like this week. As Margo tells it,  we all did Acrostics in elementary English. First letters of your name are put vertically on the page, you use them to start each new line. There of course are many forms that evolve from this basic set up,(go to the link at the very top of this page to see her examples). The one I did here is my first name as it appears on my birth certificate.

 I took it up a level by making it a double acrostic. Making the last word in each line start and end with the same letter  as my first word in that line.  Boy that last sentence made me dizzy!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Flash in the Pan of Nonsense

Wordle#65-Sunday Whirl-07-15-2012 
A Flash in the Pan of Nonsense by Teri H Hoover

The spray of oil flicks and 
swells, leaving behind smoking bits 
of  grittle.

The cook relishes the gravity
of  fragrant plants as they crack 
and smoke.

The heated chain of humility-
lays claim to the heart; a trigger
and release.

Close to going up in flames,
circling the limit just one more time 
or two.

With no way around it, we suffer 
like lemmings who cannot refrain
from the draw of the brittle, griddle of himility.

The words this week from Brenda over at The Sunday Whirl are:
flicks, swells, spray, grittle, gravity, plant,trigger, relishes, chain, crack, himility, refrain, claim

Notes: Initially the when the words came out humility was spelled himility and the word grittle was thought to be incorrect as well.  After a fine wordle rumpus things were straightened out. Humility was corrected and it was determined that grittle was indeed a word. I love week ends and all you wordlers!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


For Maria on WOWH -07-10-2012

inside by teri h hoover

this beautiful box
fits too tightly now.

illusive freedom
found escape.

these words, a trinket 
don't take up much space.

Sunday, July 08, 2012


Wordle#64-Sunday Whirl-07-08-2012
Poetic Bloomings Uncertainty-Prompt #63  
timeless by Teri H Hoover

For a while eternity sat in the corner
with the sting of time.

a day?
a month?
a year?

the timeless
always blurs the line.

idly the clock ticks loudly
above the kitchen sink,

and obliging housewives
collect the rinds of lemons.

eternity shifts and wanders
and slips into a drawer. 

bitterly, the zest of life lays on the kitchen
counter and spurns the kitchen clock.

in vein it falls upon dull cutlery
while subtracting dinner guests
right there on the dining room table.

yet in all the clutter
the thin line of ignorance
creates just enough room for hope.

open the door
uncurl the ball of moments
and corners fall away. 

the scent of lemons linger
and no one
hears the clock.

This weeks words from the Sunday Whirl:  
ignorant, spurn, eternity, drawers, balls, year, rind, sting, months, housewives, subtracting, fall

Notes: Just a bit of writing from a fuzzy mind. Recovery from surgery has simoltaneously contracted and expanded time. The nature of time versus timelessness came to mind as I wrote this at  4AM.

Friday, July 06, 2012

deconstructing structure

deconstructing structure by Teri H Hoover
July 6, 2012

Roanoke Regional Airport,  Roanoke, VA-June 6, 2012    after my husband boarded his plane to Asia

the architecture of  this life

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Writers "Block"

I am still writing...but not much. Here is why-

Here I am.The one armed bandit. Last Tuesday's (06-26-2012) surgery to repair my torn rotator cuff went very well. Here I am just going into surgery... looking much braver than I felt. Teddy,(just out of the box from my mother) was kind enough to go into surgery with me.

If you look close you can see the doctor drew a nice arrow to indicate where to operate. I know I am still on pain meds (only at night) but I think Teddy's head is a bit heart shaped. So I am contributing this photo for Guest Heart Thursday

I arrived home and made it through the first night in my borrowed recliner. Due to the use of a nerve block during surgery, I slept well. Wednesday I woke feeling like things were too good to be true. The nerve block began to wear off around 2 and I knew I would using every last one of the prescribed pain meds, during the coming week. 

On Friday night, Southwest Virginia was subjected to a Bow-echo storm. This strange phenomenon is like a non-swirling tornado. Cradling my slinged arm, me, my husband and my dog huddled on the basement stairs. Texting my sister, in Buffalo, NY, for when it was safe to go upstairs. It is a bit of a blur to me, but I think I was back in my recliner by 11PM.  My pain meds were not able to over ride the adrenaline. We and many others spent that night without electricity. I wept in solidarity with my willow, who had lost a huge branch (about the size around of the hub caps on my car tires) onto my neighbors patio.
 next door neighbors patio, Blacksburg, VA

Saturday was a blur of visitors and sleeping. Saturday evening another storm blew through-taking a few more branches from all the trees in the area, including  a few more from my willow.  It was not until Monday that thankfulness returned to me. Thankfulness that no one was injured by willows loss of limb, thankfulness for electricity, thankfulness for a skillful surgeon and the team of health care people, thankful for my friend Anne, for coordinating my care with my husband those first few days,thankful for all the thoughts and prayers, food and cards, books and movies. Thankful for all those that stopped by to sit with me. Thankful to all my online friends who sent emails and cards!  I am also very thankful to have learned how to type left handed... yup left handed.

 And the list would not be complete without saying how very thankful I am for my dog Pepper.

So without  further ado, here are my contributions for this weeks challenges. Due the surgery mentioned above each photo I take for the next 4-6 weeks will be with my Droid phone. 

 One of my first post-sugery photo
Backyard Garden, Blacksburg, VA-July 1, 2012  

My photoshopped, edited, layered and digitally remastered images-

This photo contributed to:

The Teddy bear photo above is contributed to:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

For Me


Morning by Teri H Hoover

Outside birds flit between lilac branches
Cool air brushes in through an open window
Tickling the dogs nose

This indeed will be a summer of healing.

Note: We carry many things on our shoulders. Now is time to pause and put it all down. I have surgery at 2 later today, to repair a torn rotator cuff. It indeed will be a summer of healing. I am off.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Margo Roby- Wordgathering- June 19, 2012- Tuesday Tryouts- Summer Style
Healing by Teri H Hoover June 19, 2012

Through dirty open windows,
Freedom moves the stagnant air.
Moving beyond escape.
This is the season of possibility.

When the color green bandages all things broken
and the heart breaks into silent song.

Through aging screens, that squeak and shutter,
light unrestrained, streams unhindered.   
The pollen of  life settles into glass jars
collected and labeled, on dark pantry shelves.

When the sun glows warm like simmering peaches,
cooking down into a salve of forgetting. 

There in the still of evening dusk
the cigarette blends with the campfire,
while the night air erases all blame. 
Wings fold in with purpose .

About the prompt....

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Wordle#61-Sunday Whirl-06-17-2012 
Unchecked  by Teri H Hoover

Latch the chest to
spare the heart.                                                                        

Strike a pose to 
blend the currents.

Refrain from racket to
draft the temper.

Trace the string to
crack the code. 

Cracked codes- check
Traced strings- check
Drafted tempers-check
Refrained rackets- check
Blended currents- check
Poses struck-check

The spared heart...

living in the latched chest-

is not living at all.

I seem to be whirling around heart work this week. Whirling is such a good word. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

The words for the Sunday Whirl are: blend, latch, chest, current, draft, string,crack, spare, temper, refrain, racket, trace, strike