Thursday, December 08, 2011

a half mile from home

December 08, 2011- Small Stones
a half  mile from home  by  Teri H Hoover

 I live in Blacksburg, Virginia. Almost everyday, my dog Pepper and I walk  the Huckleberry Trail- less than a half mile from Virginia Tech. For nearly a year now I have been writing while I walk.  I made it to the fourth line of my thought (by talking it into my phone-) when my writing was stopped by the Virginia Tech alert sirens.


Two days of rain,
leaves this trail clean
Two days inside-
the whole of me leans into the joy of moving

toward unknown endings.

I approach the cornered fork.
where once I saw a fox-
from pointed nose to muffled tail
straight -
as a bullet from a gun.

I approach the cornered fork

Slamming into a sound of a mind numbing alert.
Someone lays dying-
The wailing of sirens beneath the words
“This is not a test... seek shelter now.”

Down the hill a quarter mile from Virginia Tech.
A half a mile from home.

A postscript - this evening they released the name of the Virginia Tech Police officer who was shot and killed.
Slain Officer Identified

God bless the family of  Deriek W. Crouse.