Tuesday, November 08, 2011

fogged in

He stood at the stove cooking onions and meat, and the room filled with greasy smoke.
Meanwhile my brain, overcome with exhaustion, was sucking my eyelids towards my chin.
The smoke gave the additional dimension of actual fogginess to complete my brains delirium.

The story behind this is I have a house guest who likes to cook. He was in the midst of making dinner and smoke begum to fill up the kitchen.  It  was not until he ask me where the button was for the exhaust fan was that I realized that the kitchen was full of smoke.  
That was a fun prompt- thanks Kathy!


dreaming of release

Use Edward Hopper’s Cape Cod painting as the prompt for writing today.
Dreaming of Release  by  Teri H Hoover
The breath of winter
within the dying grass of autumn
that surrounds my sisters house.

Layers of loss
echo behind the clapboard walls.
A sadness heard from far away.
Like a scars upon her heart, she holds them to herself.

 Edward Hopper- Cape Cod